Amazon Echo Pop for detecting sounds

Does anyone know if the Amazon Echo Pop is capable of doing Sound Detection like Echo Dot? I do know that Echo Pop does not have sensors like motion and temperature.

I’m trying to setup a “Clothes Dryer Finished” announcement, using the Alexa Sound Detection feature to listen for “Appliance Beeps”. I was able to setup a Home Assistant helper, and expose it to Alexa, so Alexa routines can turn it on/off as a notification to HA.

I have an Echo Pop in the laundry room. But when I try to setup an Alexa routine to listen for sounds, all my Echo and Echo Dot devices (from Gen-1 thru Gen-5) are listed as candidates for listening. But NOT the Echo Pop. Any ideas?

Update- It doesn’t matter to me if the Echo Pop can detect sounds (like appliance beep), or not. I put a different Echo unit in the laundry room. That never did trigger on a clothes-dryer end-of-cycle buzzer --but did pretty reliably trigger whne it heard a microwave oven beep from down the hall.

Summary for me-- Alexa Echo isn’t suitable for detecting appliance buzzers; just beeps.