Amazon fire stick announcements / notifications

Hello, maybe I’m doing something wrong but I can’t get any announcements on the screen using notifications for androidtv.

When I press the call button I can hear the message but my goal is to see it written on the screen…

What am I doing wrong? Any tips?

Android debug bridge is activated
Alexa media player running



  • platform: nfandroidtv
    name: tv salon
    host: 192.168.1.xx

service: notify.alexa_media_luis_fire_tv
message: Hello

Thanks in advance

The integration was moved to UI configuration only in 2022.7, so you should not be adding anything to your config file. Whatever information source you are using is very out of date. Please check out the official docs for the Notifications for Fire TV integration.

FireTV notifications over adb have nothing to do with Alexa Media Player… the Notifications for Fire TV integrationwill create a new service for you to use.

Also make sure you install the Notifications for FireTV app on your FireTV.

It’s working!!! Thanks

I was following the instructions over a YouTube video.