Amazon Fire TV Cube

I am considering an alternative to the Harmony Hub and would like to know whether the Amazon Fire TV Cube works with HA. Anyone knows ?

It’s a little disjointed but it works. Same experience with Fire TV Omni as well

You’ll use the android TV integration to manage it’s sources and volume. (make it do things)
You’ll need Alexa Media Player to get the Alexa stuff off of it and manage it from an Alexa perspective
Theres an integration to send notifications to the tv/cube as well that requires an app on the TV - I ve not had. Much luck with it to date but admittedly my attention is elsewhere.

Also coming from multiple Harmony hubs it’s a different animal

Have specific questions?

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Thanks. Currently I use the Harmony Hub Integration in my wake-up automations to turn TV ON at specific channel. That works most of the time and because the Harmony Hub is no longer supported I am looking for an alternative.
So, the specific need is to be able to tell the device to turn my Vizio TV ON at a specific channel and turn the TV OFF at specific time.

I’ll see if I can pass through a channel change like that but I don’t think you can. ‘sources’ on the fire TV itself yes. I also have a standard stick and an Omni and I’ll check the differences between.

honestly I cut cable and terrestrial antennas years ago and haven’t used the tuner in any TV I have in years. I’ll let you know as soon as possible

That said I still have a harmony on my bedroom tv because of the Xbox you can have it when you pry it from my cold dead hands.

I have Comcast Xfinity cable boxes.