Amazon Music and Mini Media Player

No how many searches I do, or what I try, I cannot find (current) info on how to play music on my Amazon Echo devices. I’ve installed the Alexa Media Player from HACS and can send TTS easily. I installed the Custom Mini Media Player as well, but the only thing I can do with it is control the volume of a device that I have started manually. The Play/Pause button doesn’t even work. I’ve seen pictures of the media player that are customized with album artwork etc but no instructions on how to do so. Also, none of my echo devices show up in my media browser. Is there any current and accurate info on how to make any of this work (or is it even possible)? Any help is appreciated.

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I too am unable to figure out how to do this. Were you able to figure it out?

Try something like this:

    title: Bedroom Echo
    large: false
      type: custom:mini-media-player
      name: Echo Dot
      entity: media_player.bedroom_echo_dot
      icon: mdi:amazon-alexa
      artwork: full-cover-fit
      source: full
        platform: alexa
        power_state: false
        source: true
        name: true
        icon: true
        runtime: false
        columns: 3
          - name: ABC (Jazz)
            type: TUNEIN
            id: 'ABC Jazz'
          - name: Cafe I (Jazz)
            type: TUNEIN
            id: 'CAFÉ I Soulside Radio Paris'
          - name: Smooth Jazz
            type: AMAZON_MUSIC
            id: 'Smooth Jazz'
          - name: 680 (Cnty)
            type: TUNEIN
            id: '680 | Country Legends 680'
          - name: KOKE (Cnty)
            type: TUNEIN
            id: 'KOKE FM'
          - name: 24-7 Reggae
            type: TUNEIN
            id: '24-7 Reggae'
          - name: New Age
            type: AMAZON_MUSIC
            id: 'New Age Relaxation Station'
          - name: Feel Good (Cnty)
            type: AMAZON_MUSIC
            id: 'Feel-Good Country'
          - name: Classical
            type: AMAZON_MUSIC
            id: 'Ultimate Classical Station'
          - name: Classic FM
            type: TUNEIN
            id: 'Classic FM'
          - name: BBC News
            type: TUNEIN
            id: 'BBC World Service News'
          - name: KUT (PBS)
            type: TUNEIN
            id: '90.5 | KUT'
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Thanks for the suggestion Dixey. Is there no way to browse the various media services/libraries already connected to Alexa?

I got my selections by just Alexa voice commands for the music I wanted and then copy/pasted what I found in the current attributes when you look at the entity in “Developer Tools / States”.

Sorry for my ignorance but where do you put this code.

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