Amazon Polly not playing on Amazon Echo devices

Hi all.

I am having issues setting up Amazon Polly to play on a media_player device. I have the config and automation setup as per

It creates an mp3 file in the TTS cache folder, it will play on the TV via ChromeCast but will not play on my Echo or Echo Dot.

There was an earlier post with @CCOSTAN where port forwarding 8123 helped, but it has made no difference for me. Plays via Chrome cast with or without port forwarded and not via Echo.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Still can’t get this to work.

Does anyone have Amazon Polly working with Echo devices?

After become dissatisfied with Alexa TTS’s inability to pause or use punctuation properly, I’ve been testing Amazon Pollly today, and I can’t get it to work either. Pollly creates the mp3 in my cache folder, but it won’t play on any Echos.

Someone in another thread mentioned in passing that Amazon recently removed the ability to play local mp3 files. This would explain the problem, I guess?

Thinking about picking up a Google Home mini in the next sale to test out Polly.