Amazon won't discover any new devices

Is anyone having any problems getting Amazon to discover new devices using Nabu Casa lately?

I have the cloud integration added and subscribed and signed in/linked to Nabu Casa.

All of the devices already linked to Amazon work fine using Alexa right now so it’s not a communication issue.

everything was working fine and I’ve got a bunch of devices discovered already but I just tried to add one more device and nothing happens.

I then removed another device that had been working as a test and then tried to re-discover that one and it won’t be discovered again either.

Any suggestions?

Silly question probably, but are your entities exposed to Alexa by default? I have all my domains set to “not exposed”, so all new devices have to be added manually.

yeah, it’s always worked before until I just noticed yesterday that it didn’t.

I expected the first device to be auto-discovered but it never did so I told Alexa to discover new devices manually but it didn’t work.

that’s when I removed the other already discovered device and it wouldn’t discover it again.

Amazon is most likely having an issue with one of the devices that it’s discovering and bailing. This happened years ago with the media_player domain. Certain media_players would cause amazon’s discovery process to crap out. I recommend limiting the devices you expose to alexa and figure out which one is causing the issue. Then once you do, write up an issue mentioning what integration is creating the entity and also mention alexa.


I figured it out thanks to your advice.

It was the fan I’m using trying to update it to the new configuration code using percentages. Once I eliminated that fan everything works again.

I’ll see if I can figure out how to submit a bug report on it.

Thanks again.

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