Ambient Weather integration using neighbor's weather station

I’m looking to add the Ambient Weather integration to my HA in order to get more accurate weather data to control my irrigation. While looking at the Ambient Weather website I noticed that my neighbor has an ambient weather station. Is there a way I can pull data from his station into HA? Or does the integration only work if you have your own weather station added to your Ambient Weather profile?

I created an API and app key and tried adding the integration in HA. It error’d out. I’m wondering if it’s because I don’t have a weather station added to my account.

‘IF’ you can’t get the integration to work, then a REST sensor to pull from the website might work for you. The integration would be the best option thou.

Same here, I have the API and Application keys but can not communicate with their Cloud. I just want to be able to use the data from the ambient Weather cloud as the local monitoring device is good enough for what I need.

I know that you can observe the output of various weather stations on I am not sure about downloading that data.