Ambient Weather only updates on restart after 107.5

I upgraded to version 107.5 (and now 107.6). Ambient weather only updates during restart of home assistant. This leads me to believe that it is working as far as the API, password, account, etc. However, the polling or whatever causes it to update has stopped working. Any thoughts?

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There is a bug report open on this already.

Thanks. I searched a bit but didn’t find anything. I’ll wait for the fix.

I too have this same problem. I restart and it will work for how ever long it wants and then stops updating. Currently at most I have gotten 9 hours before I have to restart again. Today it was only 3 hours before the updates stopped coming in.

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Same here. I looked but couldn’t find the bug tracker, @jwoodard80 could you point me to it?


Here is the link to the bug report.

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