Ambient Weather PM25 Indoor

I purchased an indoor and outdoor PM25 sensor from Ambinet Weather and the outdoor one feeds into HA without issue it seems that was added recently with ticket number 36967. But I am curious about getting an indoor PM25 working. It looks like all that is needed is to add _in to the outdoor one. You can see below how some of the data is coming in.

Also I believe outdoor sensor is missing battery life. That data comes in as “Batt_25” or “Batt_25in”

2020-08-10 21:51:00 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.ambient_station] New data received: {'dateutc': 1597121400000, 'tempinf': 74.1, 'humidityin': 49, 'baromrelin': 29.903, 'baromabsin': 29.956, 'tempf': 68.5, 'battout': 1, 'humidity': 60, 'winddir': 170, 'windspeedmph': 1.3, 'windgustmph': 2.2, 'maxdailygust': 12.5, 'hourlyrainin': 0, 'eventrainin': 0, 'dailyrainin': 0, 'weeklyrainin': 0, 'monthlyrainin': 0.02, 'totalrainin': 0.02, 'solarradiation': 0, 'uv': 0, 'pm25': 6, 'pm25_24h': 6, 'batt_25': 1, **'pm25_in': 6, 'pm25_in_24h': 6,** 'batt_25in

@bachya I saw you did some work in June on this.