Ambient Weather PM25 PM2.5 Wireless Indoor / Outdoor Particulate Monitor

Moving this from Github as asked. My apologies, I was un-aware that I could mention github on the forums. :slight_smile:

@bachya I’m looking to purchase the below particle sensor when it is available. I’m wondering if it is currently or will be supported for display in HA? We have farmers who burn their fields when crops are done and I want to be able to use this to determine the changes in air quality.

Thank you for your work!

Thanks for following up!

As long as the Ambient Weather websocket API will support this new sensor, it should be straightforward to include it. You might consider reaching out to Ambient Weather to confirm that the API will include this sensor.

Seems like the Outdoor sensor is no longer working. But it is because it was removed from the API and it seems like the indoor sensor was never built into Home Assistant.

2020-12-29 21:30:04 INFO (MainThread) [engineio.client] Received packet MESSAGE data 2["data",{"dateutc":1609306200000,"tempinf":68.7,"humidityin":41,"baromrelin":30.163,"baromabsin":30.278,"tempf":38.5,"battout":1,"humidity":75,"winddir":62,"windspeedmph":2,"windgustmph":2.2,"maxdailygust":20.6,"hourlyrainin":0,"eventrainin":0,"dailyrainin":0,"weeklyrainin":0,"monthlyrainin":7.961,"totalrainin":24.48,"solarradiation":0,"uv":0,"pm25_in":10,"pm25_in_24h":7.8,"batt_25in":1,"feelsLike":38.5,"dewPoint":31.28,"feelsLikein":67.2,"dewPointin":44,"lastRain":"2020-12-26T14:06:00.000Z","tz":"America/Los_Angeles","date":"2020-12-30T05:30:00.000Z","macAddress":"48:3F:DA:54:52:2E"}]