Ambilight TV doesn't discover emulated_hue bridge

I have a Philips Ambilight Android TV which can drive Hue bulbs (via a Hue bridge). I don’t have a Hue bridge, but from Googling it looks like people have successfully got this working using the emulated_hue integration.

I’ve set up the integration, but the TV isn’t discovering

A tcpdump of the traffic shows:

22:29:43.104178 IP > UDP, length 101
E…@…<…m.l.m…M-SEARCH * HTTP/1.1
ST: upnp:rootdevice
MAN: “ssdp:discover”
MX: 3

22:29:43.193575 IP > UDP, length 270
E…*'&@.?..;…l.m…HTTP/1.1 200 OK
CACHE-CONTROL: max-age=60
SERVER: FreeRTOS/6.0.5, UPnP/1.0, IpBridge/1.16.0
hue-bridgeid: 001788FFFE23BFC2
ST: upnp:rootdevice
USN: uuid:2f402f80-da50-11e1-9b23-001788255acc::upnp:rootdevice

So it looks like the TV is searching for UPnP devices, and Home Assistant is responding, pointing at But the TV never tries to connect to and the TV never finds the bridge.

Of course, the TV doesn’t produce any error message, so I’m not sure how to debug it (possibly I could somehow get adb to connect to the TV and dump out the logs, but I’m not sure how to do that - I’ve only ever used adb on USB connected phones).

Anyone got any ideas? The general gist I’m getting from other people who have done this is that it should Just Work, so no real help when it comes to debugging. :frowning:

what version of philips ambilight do you have?
the emulated_hue from home assistant emulates the very early v1 philips hue. and i thought i saw that that the later model philips ambilights don’t work with the old v1 hue bridges (which would then mean it doesn’t work w/ home assistant).

i don’t have a late model ambilight, so i’m not 100% positive, but may be worth verifying what bridges yours supports.

Its a 43PUS6401/12, which is fairly old now, but it doesn’t give any indication of what Hue bridges it supports. :frowning: