AMC Alarm integration

I pushed translations too, but seems like something is wrong with last 3 fields. Just checked, in the app they are called UID Panel Code (looong string), Username, Password. Check them again, try again?

Worst case try calling it directly from python, see what it gives you back.

Now it is oke. I dont know how to call it directly from python as i’m not developer, but i have another idea. I will delete account from the app and log it again.It will ask me for panel uid.
If this works then something is wrong with thus integration. Let me check it over an app.

Ok I’m in.

For username you should use username for cloud and password for cloud. That is how i got in.
But now I don’t have any devices or entities in integration.

Hmm… Try enabling debug logs, then reload integration from integration menu. Wait couple of minutes.

Then disable debug logs - HASS will offer to download them. Edit out sensitive information (first lines where login happens) and send to [email protected] or private gist. I’ll try to reproduce it based on your data.

I did enabled debug logging. amc alarm api is authorized and i get a lot of data in log from central and pir sensors. But no entities yet.
I will try to anonymize this and send you on mail.

Fixed. Repo can be added to HACS as custom repo now

I remove it and add it again. It does now work out of the box. Hope you will continue improving this.

0.0.3 has ability to arm/disarm. Use at your risk.

I noticed with version 0.0.2 that integration became unavailable. Reloading it or restarting ha became available again but it frequently became unavailable.

Arming and disarming works with my alarm.

Just tested v.2.0 and its working on my side.

Oh man, you did an awesome job!
I haven’t tested it fully yet, but it seems to work ok, I’ll have a deeper look later and give you a better feedback. But that’s great indeed!

Ok I have spotted an issue. When arming only partial zones or groups, the whole lot of zones gets armed.
Also, outputs seem to work ok!

Tell me more about it? Or better file an issue on GitHub. I’m watching then now for real, somehow notifications were disabled for me.