Amcrest AD410 comments?

Hi Team,

Final check before ordering the Amcrest AD410. I’ve seen mostly positive comments, but would be interested in any cautions - either HA specific or more generally?

@Ryukenden - any views given you look like you’ve just unpacked one?

Finally - anyone in Australia have a recommended stockist? Looks like an Amazon US order.

Thanks all,

Setting it up was easy enough. Using the Dahua app gives you some extra sensors to use. In my experience so far it’s a hit and miss. Sometimes it doesnt register a button being pressed in HA, or the live vieuw doesnt load. Then a day later everything works just fine. But this all is just my personal experience meaning it could be on my end/setting/internet.

The amcrest app on the phone works perfectly fine though.

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Thanks, appreciate the experience. Order submitted :smiley:

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Hi, I was wondering what you thought of it, assuming you have now installed it and use HA.

As I am in Melbourne who did you get the best deal from.


Sorry for the very slow response.

I ordered from

I’ve been very happy. The only thing I haven’t sorted out yet is the chime (the doorbell chimes, but I don’t have a chime at the other end of the house). It comes with a chime kit, but as I understand it I need a chime to plug that into.

Hope that helps.

in 2022.05 I added support for DigitalInput events to the ONVIF integration. If you add the doorbell to HA via ONVIF, you can create an automation to notify you when the doorbell is pressed using that binary sensor. It also pulls in the video feed, motion, and person detection.


Hello. Can you offer more details? I added the camera using the ONVIF integration but no binary sensor was created for digital input.

Got it. The digital_input sensor is created when the camera sends the first DigitalInput event.