Amcrest AD410 Integration w/ Alexa

Hello team,

I recently ordered an Amcrest AD410 doorbell and have it up and running in HA using the Amcrest integration manually configured in the configuration.yaml file per the docs (link). I can successfully stream video from the camera in the HA frontend as well as see the stream through Apple HomeKit. The camera is also exposed to the Alexa integration and I can see it listed in my Alexa devices. However, when I ask Alexa to show me the doorbell cam, it brings up a screen saying “Waiting for Home Assistant” then times out and doesn’t do anything. I’m running a Nabu Casa subscription so I dont think that it would be an HTTPS error or anything, plus all my other devices work using Alexa.

Anyone else encounter this issue or know of a solution? Let me know, thanks!

Well, looks like I solved my own problem. I guess the Echo Shows (at least the ones I have, Echo Show 5 2019 and Echo Show 8 2021) don’t support 2K camera streams. When I change the HD resolution of the camera to 1080p, it works fine. If anyone has any experience otherwise, let me know.

Its probably the codecs. You can use something like go2rtc to transcode it and send it off probably.