Amcrest Camera binary_sensor.motion_detected Always ON

After some research, I purchase one Amcrest (IP4M-1055E) camera, based on other HA users feedback.
My plan was to eventually replace the other Foscam, Wansview cameras with a better HA integrated device.
Streaming works well, but the motion detection sensor (binary_sensor.commonarea_motion_detected) remains on.

I cannot find any reference to this issue anywhere.

Any pointers?

Thanks in advance

I’m getting the same thing. Were you ever able to get it to work?

Nope. I basically gave up on that feature. It turns out, the camera will detect any minor change in pixels and will report it as movement. Any minor change in lighting triggers it. A cloud outside moving briefly, changing the amount of light inside the house will trigger “movement”. There is no way to adjust sensitivity.
The amount of false positives makes it useless for security or to trigger lights in the house.

I edited the detection region to exclude where the timestamp is at and it seems to be working better. Not sure if this is the solution just yet but so far it has stayed in ‘clear’ status when there’s no motion

Hmmmmm, thanks for the tip. Will try that

I stumbled on this… for those arriving here its very simple, the camera sensitivty, threshold levels and areas protected are setup through the web interface.

The amcrest app also works, but you only get sensitivity there.

Browsers, you probably need something like Bailisk which still has flash etc onboard