Amcrest Integration not showing in add integration list

Did the Amcrest integration get removed from HA. I’ve cleared my browser cache and I don’t see it when I click add integration. Not sure what I’m doing wrong

I believe the amcrest integration is setup with the configuration.yaml. not the UI.

You mean like it says in the docs :wink:

Thanks Rob at least your response was helpful. I had no idea I saw people talking about it so I thought it was something that was added through the add integration since that’s the only thing I know how to do. I will see if it’s something I want to see if I can figure out. nickrout you may be assuming I know as much as you do. I don’t. I’m still trying to figure out what HA is and if it’s something beneficial to me. I have no idea what docs you are referring to. I guess it pretty easy to forget the time when you had to learn how to do something since you’ve known everything for so long.

Amcrest are dahua

The dahua integration is much more refined

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I’ll point you to the integration docs so you’ll know. Integrations - Home Assistant

If you then click on amcrest it tells you how to configure it.

Having said that, there is a new feature quite recently where you can type amcrest in to “add integration” and it will tell you this device cannot be configged from the ui, and gives a direct link to the docs.