Amcrest Security Camera setup, Is there a better way?

So this is what I have setup for my Amcrest PTZ Cameras, Is there a better way??
right now I have “scan_interval” set to 3 seconds, but I see 10 seconds for the video to update. Can I configure them to work faster???

  - host: !secret ha_cam1_ip
    name: 1 Front
    username: !secret ha_cam_user
    password: !secret ha_cam_pwd
    resolution: high
    stream_source: mjpeg
    scan_interval: 3
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I don’t think the standard Amcrest Camera platform is affected by (or “uses”) scan_interval. When you see the camera view, I believe the default is to update that view every 10 seconds. However, if you click on it, a larger “window” will open which updates as fast as it can.

I know this is an old topic, but in case you’re unaware, there have been recent updates to the amcrest component. I’d suggest updating to the most recent HA release and trying again if you haven’t already done so. I’d also suggest deleting the stream_source option from your config, and adding the new stream component. With this combination the “thumbnail” image will still update every 10 seconds, but when you click on it a larger window will open that will stream the image from the camera using RTSP.

Regarding scan_interval, that is only supposed to affect the update rate of any of the amcrest sensors you might configure, but it’s broken.

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