Amcrest video doorbell AD110 initial impressions

All 3 fields must line up directly with “platform”…

 - platform: ffmpeg
   input: !secret rtsp
   extra_arguments: '-filter:v crop=1280:720:474:360'
   name: "Amcrest Doorbell"  

Also, you do not need the “extra_arguments” that I showed in my early example. This was just an example of how to crop an image when snapshots are taken.

Thanks for reply, it has a lot of info.
so you mean you have the same lag at yours?

The lag on my AD110 varies from about 8 to 13 seconds via HA stream. It’s not great. It’s also not a unique issue to the doorbell camera as you can see from the referenced post.

Via VLC, it’s 1-2 seconds.

ive made similar integration as you did, the lag remains, yeah and vlc is faster on pc.
Maybe there is a way to change from ffmpeg to other stream, or it is default and no options?
if i connect a hikvision camera to HA ill have same 10-15s lag?

also how did you make snapshots sent using telegram?

I think it is how the stream integration works. It uses HLS which takes in chunks of video before it sends it along.

From the Stream integration page:

The integration currently only supports proxying H.264 source streams to the HLS format

Here is a StackOverflow about it.

Typical delay in HLS is 30-60 sec, minimum in practice is around 15 sec.

In the post I referred you to, the author was using Hikvision cameras. You can see all the variations he tried with and without Stream enabled and the effect it had on video lag. He was also seeing ~13 sec lag with Hikvision/Stream.

I also refer you to this reply from the developer on tweaks that should help…

Those tweaks can be done via the Hikvision camera web UI, but since I don’t have these cameras, I can’t offer any other advice on what to try.

Correct - it’s how Stream works with HLS/H.264 processing. But as mentioned before, there are tweaks that can be done to improve/optimize this processing.

What’s unknown at this point is what can be done to optimize the AD110 “safely” via the API.

I’ll also point out that I saw one of the PR’s to Stream in HASS .115 was to support the next generation format - HEVC H.265. This is a more efficient video format that should really help - if the browser and/or device supports it.

EDIT: H.265 turns out to not be very practical at this time unless you are only going to use the Safari browser or Edge/IE with hardware support for H.265. No other browsers support it. Doubtful it would have much effect on reducing lag in any case.

Had another reply re IR issue the email states

What firmware version is your unit currently on? (already told them this) I believe that our team is working on an update to fix this issue was I have noticed an increase in this IR problem occurring. As of now, I don’t have an ETA as to when it will be released however from what I was told the update is in the final testing stages.

Will let you know if I hear more.

Re Dave

For anyone interested, here’s how to toggle the AD110 blue button indicator light . The code below creates a switch that can be used in automations. It will also reflect the current state of the light. The SmartHome app’s “Device Indicator” switch will also automatically update and reflect the current on/off status.

  - platform: command_line
        command_on:    '/usr/bin/curl -s --digest -u admin:password "http://192.168.xx.xx/cgi-bin/configManager.cgi?action=setConfig&LightGlobal[0].Enable=true" '
        command_off:   '/usr/bin/curl -s --digest -u admin:password "http://192.168.xx.xx/cgi-bin/configManager.cgi?action=setConfig&LightGlobal[0].Enable=false" '
        command_state: '/usr/bin/curl -s --digest -u admin:password "http://192.168.xx.xx/cgi-bin/configManager.cgi?action=getConfig&name=LightGlobal[0].Enable" | grep -oPc "true" ||true'
        value_template: '{{ value == "1" }}'

Does anyone else have an issue with the SmartHome app “Call Notification” turned off, not actually turning off push notifications from doorbell/motion alerts?
(Running 200702 firmware, not the newest 200828 that was retracted).

I just wrapped up dealing with Amcrest over my defective AD110 today, they finally agreed to replace it.

I simply cannot get the Amcrest app to stream video while RTSP is being sent to Node-RED… they of course started by pointing the finger at my transformer, to which I did upgrade, but it didn’t help.

Hopefully a replacement works 100%

Thanks, this is great, one step closer to getting that elusive button press!

Using your commands was able to turn on/off the ring light, but I haven’t been able to disable motion detection. It doesn’t error or anything just stays showing as ‘off’ in HA, but continue to get alerts.
I must be doing something wrong there I guess…

What version of AD110 firmware are you on @Snozzle ? Amcrest changed the way motion detection/alarm was handled in the most recent firmware update (which has since been recalled and is no longer avail.)

EDIT: Would you also please let me know if turning off “Call Notification” in the SmartHome app turns off push notification alerts to your phone? It’s supposed to, but it’s not working for me. I was hoping to find out if it was a wider issue which may depend on firmware version.

Anyone know the command to turn off night vision on the doorbell? As long as it’s off, my doorbell is stable but last night, it turned itself back on. Update, reboot, I have no idea. I figure a periodic command to keep it shut off is the solution…

Hi @Myeager1967 -

The AD110 has a setting in its firmware to automatically reboot every Tuesday at 2AM. In version 200702 firmware, your Night Vision setting is unfortunately reset to “SmartLight” internally after a reboot. The SmartHome app will show it as “Auto”.

You can query the existing state of Night Vision (Mode & intensity) using:
http://admin:[email protected]/cgi-bin/configManager.cgi?action=getConfig&name=Lighting

You can turn the IR off via:
http://admin:[email protected]/cgi-bin/configManager.cgi?action=setConfig&Lighting[0] [0].Mode=Off

Note: the possible modes are:
Auto (or SmartLight)

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@GaryOkie running 1.000.00AC004.0.R.200702
Just arrived yesterday and did the initial firmware update.

And no, turning off Call Notification from the amcrest app doesn’t stop the push alerts.

It does not turn them off for me either, 200702… I really wish the notifications were a little more obtrusive… (Or at least be able to change the alert sound) I could have swore the first time I pushed the doorbell on initial install it actually came up similar to a phone call… but it is actually very possible I simply tapped the push notification inadvertently and it took me to the “Answer/Hangup” Screen…
do you guys just get the small push notification and that’s it on the button press?

@Snozzle - In your first post, which motion alerts are you referring to… the push notifications from SmartHome or alerts you trigger in Home Assistant from the motion_detected binary sensor?

There is an inconsistency in how the SmartHome app turns off Motion Detection in the AD110. It sets to false Alarm[0].Enable, but leaves MotionDetect enabled. But if you use the Amcrest Integration with the AD110, it only subscribes to MotionDetect events, not Alarm events to trigger the motion_detected binary sensor.

There was a newer 200828 firmware that was released 2 weeks ago that changed this to toggle MotionDetect.Enable instead, but that firmware was retracted after a few days with no explanation.

So try turning both alarm & motion switches off…

http://admin:[email protected]/cgi-bin/configManager.cgi?action=setConfig&MotionDetect[0].Enable=false

http://admin:[email protected]/cgi-bin/configManager.cgi?action=setConfig&Alarm[0].Enable=false

And thanks very much for confirming the “Call Notification” off switch is currently short-circuited. @Bartem just confirmed it as well.

I get the same pop-up push notification you show above. In addition to the AD110 chime and the indoor ding-dong chime, my Android phone rings for just a second using the same ring-tone as a regular phone call. I don’t like it either, and don’t know if it can be changed.

EDIT: you can change it. In Android settings/notifications/Amcrest 3 different notification alerts can be configured with different ring tones (or turned off).

The 3 different SmartHome notification categories are :

  1. RingPush - don’t know what triggers this yet
  2. push_default_alarm - Motion Detected alert ringtone
  3. push_default_ringtone - Doorbell Push ringtone

I get motion detections in both HA and on the amcrest app.

I’ve tried adding the additional switch motionDetect and same thing there, switch is ‘off’ in HA, and always reverts to ‘off’ after being turned on.
motion detection in HA and amcrest still show fine.

Note - this doesn’t really bother me at this stage, just helping with testing.

@Bartem - yeah I just get popup notifications, nothing like a phone call.