Ameren Illinois PSP price tracking

I have ameren power smart pricing, hourly rates, and I am wanting to input the hourly price values into home assistant. I cannot find any resources online that seem to have figured it out. Prices - Ameren Illinois is the website that i use to see the day ahead pricing. Ive read about Scrape, but I simply do not know how to use it. Any help would greatly be appreciated!

Curious about your experiences with PSP. We’re looking at solar and it seems like that could be a good combination.

This is currently a bit broken, but is working for current (winter) electric, although not PSP. I figured it would help you figure out how scrape works. It breaks sometimes depending on the format of the webpage.

*edit: I just took a quick look, and that chart appears to be just a png graphic sadly. I don’t think scrape will be of any help. I’m not sure if there is some way to parse the image file into a value. I really wish Ameren would do more to open up their data.

  - resource:
      - name: ameren electric cost
        select: "p"
        index: 5
        value_template: '.{{ value.split(" ")[0] | replace (".", "") }}'
        unit_of_measurement: "USD/kWh"

  - resource:
      - name: ameren gas cost
        select: "p"
        index: 2
        value_template: '.{{ value.split(" ")[3] | replace (".", "") | replace ("¢","")}}'
        unit_of_measurement: "USD/therm"```

So far I am having good experience with it. I heat my house with gas so it’s hard to tell if it’s going to be beneficial during the hot summer months.

I wish they would colab with ecobee, so I wouldn’t have to diy approach this. I’ve had no luck finding any info and since that chart is a png file I have I hard time believing I can even make it work. Guess I will just have to sit and wait until they colab.

I found a solution to my problem above. Someone in another thread pointed out that the website complies the table at the bottom of Ameren IL PSP is loaded via Javascript and can be scraped out via multiscrape HACS add on. If you are interested let me know and I’ll gladly share more details.


I’m extermely interested in this. I would really appreciate any details that you can share on your success and how you achieved this!

Absolutely! Here is my running config. It probably could be cleaner and it has an issue with the 11:00pm price. It just displays 0.00 USD/kWh some days and other days it actually works. I’m sure that’s a logic thing on my side but I never looked into it. Otherwise its pretty rock solid. Reports accurate data. Attached photo is the data displayed from the template sensors.