Amozon cheep smart plugs

has anyone have used cheep smart plugs like this with HA ?

If you want local control and no flashing required, get these instead. Smart Plug 4Pack, WiFi Plugs Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant, Smart Outlet with Timer Schedule, WiFi Socket for Home, No Hub Required, FCC Certified, 2.4G WiFi Only

They work with the magic home integration

Same plugs slightly cheaper Limited-time deal: Smart Plug(10A, 100-240V), Mowelai WiFi Socket Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, No Hub Required, Remote Control Your Home Appliances from Anywhere, Only Supports 2.4GHz Network (4 Pack)

What are the difference between the ones you recommended and the one that OP refereed to?

That’s a great price! Which HA integration do they use?

They say you need to use their “Magic Home” app to connect them. I’m always cautious; the manufacturers tend to tie you to their cloud. I can’t tell from the description or the Q&A whether these can truly communicate locally or require a cloud server.

Also, be aware that these only support 10A. That’s usually plenty, but the typical US outlet can support 15A or even 20A. Some people try to run air conditioners and things which could be unsafe on a 10A smart plug. Finally, these do not support monitoring of current or power, which again is probably OK for most uses, but may be a consideration if you want to monitor energy uses or whether or not an appliance is truly on (like a sump pump or coffee maker.)

  • Communicates locally
  • Local Push so updates are near instant
  • Can be setup without the app if you want to send UDP commands manually (probably not needed since the app allows local setup without cloud as well)
  • Library uses asyncio
  • Library implements retries for power on/off for poor wifi setups
  • Library does everything it can to minimize wifi traffic to decrease network congestion (these devices are already far less chatty than many others on the market)
  • Can be fully disconnected from the cloud via switch in HA (or set them up initially without being logged into the cloud via the Magic Home Pro app)
  • Heavily optimized integration that won’t use a lot of CPU time or I/O
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I can vouch for these Broadlink plugs, they also have reliable local control and look decent.

Nice! With a true local integration, those “Magic Home” plugs are a fantastic price.

I also use some Broadlink devices. They do work locally, if you’re very careful about how you set them up. If you let them get through your firewall to the cloud server, or if they detect another Broadlink device on your local network, they’ll try to use those instead of the HA integration. I went through many false starts and re-do’s last time I added one. I won’t be buying any more.

There’s an option in the app to allow external control, and I haven’t had any of the problems you say you’ve experienced.