Ampli-card - AV Receiver custom card from HACS

Hello smart homers!

I need help with the card called “ampli-panel-card”

When I set the entity name for example “media.player_onkyo_nr696” the panel disappears and I get only the line as shown in the picture below.

What do I need to configure as well? what is missing?


try deleting the av_receiver_family line completely.

ok, done. and now how can I know if I need to add more values manually?

Not sure, I don’t see much difference with my setup… But I’m not familiar with Onkyo AVR’s. My only Onkyo is from the 90’s :slight_smile:

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hahah, but are you working with this custom card these days?

Yes, with a DenonAVR, did setup long time ago, never touched again… Works fine all the time.

got it. can you share maybe you configs please? so I will have an idea of how start with it…

Thanks, much appreciated!

type: custom:ampli-panel-card
entity: media_player.denon_avr_x3600h
name: Woonkamer
brand: Denon
info: AVR X3600h Mischa's Kingdom Special Edition
zone2: media_player.denon_avr_x3600h_3
av_receiver_family: denonavr
auto_size: autosize
name_zona2: Niet in gebruik

thanks a lot!
how did you create the entity? every time I set one, the picture was disappeared :frowning:

did you do it form the visual editor or the code editor?

followed the manual, it’s pretty clear :wink:

I’ve seen it many times actually. At least for me it’s not that straight-forward. It’s not clear to me what do I need to do with the entity…

OK, I managed with the entity - I found the Onkyo from the system. before that it wasn’t connected to the network so I wondered if I should create a custom entity for it… :sweat_smile:

Thanks, I saw it before. the question is if these instructions are required to do BEFORE the “ampli-card” integration?..
I thought to my self that if the “ampli-card” will be too complex, I will go ahead and do the manual Onkyo integrations.

Amplicard is not an integration. It’s a card. It only displays, what the mediaplayer entity does, which is provided by the Onkyo integration.

So yes, the right order is:

  1. setup the Onkyo integration correctly, that gives you the mediaplayer entity
  2. setup the Amplicard, that can display, what the entity does.


yeah, I called it “integration” :sweat_smile: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

okkkkk then! when I connected my Onkyo to the network, automatically the HA detected it as “DLNA Digital Media Renderer” and gave it an entity.
But I will follow your steps and try it once again.


I have configured the Onkyo integration. don’t know what it gives me actually…
anyway, I got the entity via DLNA integration, when I take the entity and put it in the ampli-card code editor, I save it and it disappears. why??

also, I didn’t understand if I need to do something with step #3:

“Add a reference inside your resources config:
resources: - type: module url: /hacsfiles/ampli-panel-card/ampli-panel-card.js”

Do I need to do something with it or ignore it?

You need to add Onkyo integration, not DLNA integration.

but the DLNA was auto discovered…and this created the entity in the system.
I did add the Onkyo integration. what’s next? how do I know if it’s good enough to work with the “ampli-card”?

DLNA integration is very limited when it comes to the control of your receiver.
If you added Onkyo integration correctly, you should have entities belonging to that integration.