An ebusd add-on

Over the past few days I’ve setup an ebusd add-on to run eBUSd daemon on my RaspberryPi with Home Assistant OS and an esera ebus usb interface plugged into it.

Here is a screenshot of it running:

All command line options of ebusd I’ve needed are made available as Add-on options, so this should be a “no-code” setup for users with the same use case I’ve come across. Thanks to the device option type, selecting the correct USB interface is made available via a simple dropdown.

It’s in an early state but I think mature enough to publish. I would very much appreciate pull requests or any other form of feedback.

get the eBUSd add-on on Github

To Install

prerequisite is obviously to connect a hardware interface to your computer running Home Assistant OS.

  1. In Supervisor go to the Add-on Store,
  2. In the overflow menu click “Repositories”
  3. Add
  4. Wait for the ebusd Add-on to show up (or click reload in the same overflow menu?)
  5. Click install - this will take a while because in this early state the add-on build from source on your device
  6. Configure Comandline Options in the Addon Settings
  7. Start the Add-on and check the output logs
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Hello, will this daemon work with an ebus device that communicates via wifi

I have ordered ebus Adapter v3, yet unknown when this will arrive. But before connecting hardware, I am getting familiar with ebus protocol for my preferred connection to Vaillant.

The principal question is how to configure ebus Adapter with LAN port in Homeassistand via HACS and your add-on if I can not select a correct device through the dropdown? Apparently I am missing something here. I want to avoid using Raspberry Pi with ebus USB adapter or wifi adapter and want to hook up the LAN version of adapter directly to LAN and configure network conenction to my HA installation.

Any help or advice is very much appreciated.


hi, take a look at the ebusd Wiki’s hardware info: 6. Hardware · john30/ebusd Wiki · GitHub
I developed this add-on to work with my USB-ebus adapter plugged right into the Pi running HomeAssistant OS. Feel free to mess with the code and submit pull requests to get an IP interface working!

Hey @Raku ,

as far as I can tell WIFI ebus device already runs ebusd on the Wemos D1 Mini Firmware! So there’s no need to run a second copy of it with this add-on. You should be able to configure your device to send updates to an MQTT server and read them out from there via Homassitant as a sensor

Please share your progress with you Vaillant heater. I have one too and so far it’s quite frustrating. Reading values is not the problem although you have to poll certain values manually but somehow I cannot send any commands to my heater.

Any news with communicate by wemos D1 mini with HASSOS with Home Assistant ? Any manual how i can configure it ?

Ebusd is not running directly on the esp. In ebusd config you have to specify the IP of the esp connected to the heater. This is so far not possible with this addon.

And i must only installed Firmware on Wemos and then add to HA integration name ebusd and select IP whicha has this wemos from adapter ebus ?