An introduction: Your new Community & Social Media Manager!

Congratulations Missy! Based on our years of working together on Edge, I can confidently say you’ll be a huge asset to this community. You’re awesome and I’m so excited that you’re taking on this role.


I understand pointing to correct area and appreciate it. but it’s the way they do it. To be frank it’s always the official discord I get the rude tone and smart ass answers.
Other discord not so much.
Like digiblur, Drzzz and many others I have no issues it’s like we are family and we all try to help each other and bounce ideas .

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I’m not talking format of code or yaml I’m talking the way the question is asked.

I’m not talking about just my question or possible solutions I see it many times to poor people just looking for input.
I know we have had a huge influx of new users with not knowledge and it gets tiresome seeing the same questions over and over from people that don’t know the difference from add on or intergration.
But the staff or mods have to have some professionalism.
And yes newbies do post lines of yaml without putting in 3 back ticks…

But at least they can maybe explain how to instead of belittling them and just saying please follow the rules. 

Just my opinion.

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What I find interesting about your observation is that all the people who assist otherss frequently on the HA discord also assist in those discord channels too. Seems like you’re just having issues with specific individuals.

I have only gone into the official HA discords A few times the past 5 years
But yes that was my experience.

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I have always rather regretted the “This forum is not a helpdesk” line in the How to help us help you post. It seems a little brusque, particularly towards people who lack the technical and/or language skills to explain a problem clearly. And, of course, there isn’t a helpdesk.

On the other hand, I haven’t seen the “Read the docs” jibe for some time.

And it can be very, very annoying when people plough on, blaming the integration/latest update/UI/protocol, without reading the answers and explanations they’ve been offered (and certainly not clicking on any of the links). You know who you are… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :laughing:

On the whole, though, I find using the forum a positive experience. If a little addictive. :roll_eyes:

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The forums has a plethora useful info.

Like when @frenck was brutally chastised when the appdaemond intergration broke after update.
He did his best to fix it fast and post a solution but people could not accept that.
And the guys in the official appdaemond side were getting hit and all they could say not our problem it’s a HA problem.

I’m not very technical but I was able to get mine fixed in just a few minutes because I had backups and with frenks instructions.

Completely agree. I rarely ever post questions on this forum or in the official discord for that very reason. Too many times I’ve been met with extremely rude replies from the mods that I’ve learned my lesson. Not that you miss me being here, but now you know why.

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completely agree. the HA discord is rude, condescending and not remotely helpful to noobs and advanced users alike.

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If anyone experiences this please flag the post for action. I’ve had a quick scan through your post history and don’t see anything particularly egregious, though as I said “quick” and I may have missed it. Feel free to PM me with the details for a follow up if you wish.

We do want to foster an open and welcoming environment, as per our code of conduct, Code of Conduct - Home Assistant, but we’re all human (AFAIK) and even mods get exasperated sometimes.

If your issue is with a mod bring it to Missy’s attention or one of the forum admins.


Trying not to belittle your sentiment, but that’s a rather hyperbolic statement. I got some very helpful advice regarding a template there just yesterday. And I saw many others get solutions to their issues.

Probably better phrased as:

“The HA discord can occasionally be rude and condescending which is not helpful to anyone”.

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Um… who would dare not be helpful? :worried:

Are you saying I get preferential treatment from other mods because of my discord role or because of my stinging wit?

Because they hack on me all the time in the private staff channels :slight_smile:

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It’s the scary avatar… nobody wants to have the snow demons sicced on them. :upside_down_face:


There was a lot of good chatter here over the weekend. TOTALLY understand people’s frustrations in how they get help on the platforms the HA community spreads across. This is something that I knew stepping into this role, which makes it easier for me to dig into problems y’all need solutions to.

… provide insight into the relationship between the principals of Nabu Casa and the community.

I will see how to best provide this. I’ll dig through community posts to figure out what the disconnect is, since Home Assistant is the reason why Nabu Casa exists. All of us who are employed for HA work for Nabu Casa. These facts don’t really help answer what the concern is here, but I wanted to at least make them clear for people who may not understand this.

On the SmartThings Community they prefixed posts before xxx referring to thier old architecture as [deprecated] and moved all the articles to an archived spot on the site. Posts that refer to the old platform

Looks like their forums are also Discourse, so I am noting this as a potential option. Nothing is every easy when it comes to clean up of data, someone has to do it manually at first. Maybe I can enlist people to assist once I nail down what needs to be done? I still need to have a formal conversation with specifically volunteer moderators here.

The posts related to these parts are still valid.

And we will run into this a lot. Some add ons are created by people just for their own personal use and they never go back to it.

This is really a nothing post, just acknowledging the conversation that was had here. Feel free to message me if you have any other thoughts! Know that I will not answer you outside of my working hours, though - Discord is best to get my attention outside of 7:30-3:30p Pacific. :smile:


If anything, I’ll treat you worse :rofl:

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It’s the fact that there is a disconnect, between management and customers, and it’s been present for years. There are old examples and new ones, here and elsewhere.


I used to wave off some of these decisions as isolated missteps but no more; they’re the result of a long-standing systemic issue (politely, “tone deaf”).

Honestly, I have my doubts you alone can fix it but that’s why I said you would be a “miracle-worker” if you did.

Once again, I wish you the best of luck.

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you would be a “miracle-worker” if you did.

I’m not saying I am a miracle worker, but I did impress a Firefox user while working for Edge. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: (I wish I had more of these on hand to share. :joy:)

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Any chance an updated/valid invite link can be shared?