An ONVIF setting in my conf.yaml stop HASSIO

Hi there all,
I have 3 ONVIF cams in my home, and I successfully add 2 of them trough Integration ONVIF page.

When I try to add the 3-th one I get “Unknown error occurred” and i get nothing on LOG about
So I try to add the last cam using the configuration.yaml like this:

  - platform: onvif
    name: CamAvanti
    username: admin
    password: password
    port: 8992

In this case, I check the configuration file under “Server Controls” page
and it give me: “Configuration valid!”
Then I restart HASSIO and from there HASSIO don’t answer anymore and it didn’t give me log
about the block.

Another little question… I I add a ONVIF cam via integration page,
where can I found the settings via ssh please ?

My HASSIo is installed via docker on QNAP NAS under Umbuntu.
Can anyone help me please ?
Thanks a lot