An outdoor air quality sensor?


I’m searching for a sensor to add to my collection… My wife suffers from severe allergies. We usually have to always keep all the windows and doors closed at home; if we do have some windows open to allow some fresh air into our home, and one of us notice that there is a fire somewhere outside, it’s a mad scramble to close all the windows as quickly as possible to stop the smell of the fire from entering our home.

I would love to find a sensor of some sort which I link with Home Assistant and let us know through maybe a notification or run a scene. Is anyone familiar with a device I can purchase that will do this for me?

Thanks in advance!

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I do not have any outside aqi devices on the properties, I have three devices that give me info on aqi in the house. For outside, right now, I pull in three Purple AQI readings in a triangle around the houses and average them.

Inside the house I have a Eve Room that give a ‘air quality’ value based on particulate concentration, a ARANET4 CO2 monitor and Winix air purifiers that provide a rough gauge of air quality, I think the Winix does a particulate measure, but I have no reference for their data. I purchased the Eve and the ARANET4 units based on the companies providing research to back up their claims about their science. Unfortunately the Eve product only produces data in Apple HomeKit. Easy to generate notification both in Home Assistant and HomeKit based on sensor readings.

There are HA integrations for both Purple and Winix. I have done my own custom work for all however.

Hope you find a good solution!

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