I recently had some Exchange about Third-Party Addons, Integrations, Plugins.
That made me wonder how many active Users use which particular Extension, may it be an official Addon or a Third-Party Project - to get an Idea what is most wanted/needed/used by the Community.

But it seems that only shows Statistics for ‘official’ Addons. Although according to Analytics - Home Assistant those Statistics get collected as well:

This includes:

The names of all your core integrations
The names and versions of all your custom integrations if you have any

So, how can the usage of custom Integrations be evaluated?

PS: I was wondering what Category i should post this. Uncategorized might have been a candidate, but looking through the Posts i found out it almost completely full with technical Threads, whereas Social not only sounds more like “Community”, but has some more Non-Technical Threads.
Is this the correct Place for the Community to exchange and discuss the General Development of HomeAssistant, Structures,…, or are there other Places designated for such Topics?

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