And condition inside wait for trigger action

I want to continue an automation if all 3 binary sensors are off for 10 seconds. I know I should be using the wait for trigger action type but there is no and condition inside it.

If I add multiple entity under the trigger for wait for trigger action, it must be looking at or condition, right?

How can I use and condition to check if all three sensors are off for 10 seconds?

Do i need to create a group with these 3 binary sensors and then check state of that group?

Use wait for template.

# Wait until they're all off
- wait_template: "{{ is_state('binary_sensor.whale', 'off') and is_state('binary_sensor.petunia','off') and is_state('binary_sensor.towel','off') }}"

ok but what about wait until they all are off for 20s

Then you’d want to either use a group, or a template sensor, and use the state of that instead