Android 11


My wife has a new Android 11 phone and when it reboots, Owntracks stops reporting until you open owntracks - pain. So I decided to install HA app and it is exactly the same, won’t report till opened. Is there a work around for this please?


Maybe not directly helpful, but I’m also on Android 11 and HA app works fine after restart, no need to open it. So it has to be some setting on the device…

You will have to go into the settings and alow startup at boot together with exclusion of any power savings.
I noticed Samsung is very aggressive with cutting off apps without telling you.

Thanks it is a Samsung!, so I presume it will be buried within the phones settings?

edit : on the companion app it does say “Background access” Home assistant has access to run in the background

It has to be somewhere in the settings…

Just can’t help you further, I’ve ditched Samsung phones out of my house years ago. Exactly for the reason, that Samsung changes to much on Android, taking away my choices :wink:

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when installing the companion app, it did ask if it could have access to run at start up and power savings I think… pain in the arse :slight_smile:

you have to unlock the device, then after a couple of minutes the device will re-register and send updates

It is, settings > Apps > the name of the app you’re working with power management will be under it’s pages. Im not sure of the specifics this particular app needs, but for things that require location tracking in the background and polling you’ll probably have to ‘allow always’ not just ‘when the app is active’ This is a new thing from Android 11 and beyond to prevent rando location tracking apps running in the background you don’t know about. The phone should ask when you install the app on Android 11, but if you upgraded to Android 11 after installing the prompt may not show up.

basically for nothing to be blocked, the app needs to run in the background and be able to send data when it needs to. So things like battery optimizations, data saver, power saver and whatever other name they want to call it needs to be off :slight_smile:

We also have a troubleshooting section on this and we also mention the app needs location permissions all the time. On a pixel device you’ll get prompted when an app loses this permission, not sure how samsung decides to handle it.

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Thanks everyone. I uninstalled and started again. I 100% know I picked always allow the 1st time… Anyway after unlocking and leaving 10 minutes, it picked up and reports in. Cheers… now to ditch Owntracks.

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