Android 13 issues - app or device?

I use WireGuard only when I’m out & about - issues are/were showing up a lot at home as well…
Maybe I try resetting/reinstalling the Nova Launcher app next.

I use Nova 7.0.57 on Android 13 as well, I don’t however use any widgets and just use the Notification Area “Device Controls”.

I find the Device Controls way more convenient then having to go all the way out to a Launcher screen to use widgets.

I’ll try the quick settings, but I don’t understand your comment about ‘having to go all the way out to a launcher screen’ - I push the home button and I get a dashboard without having to launch the Home Assistant App (see above).
And I can ‘mix & match’ it with other shortcuts and widgets from other apps.

One of the neatest things I found is that I (European living in the US) can convert temperatures from Fahrenheit to Celsius right in a template widget, i.e. without creating another sensor entity for it in Home Assistant.

What I mean about “having to go all the way out to a launcher screen” is that I don’t have to leave the app that I’m currently on since the “Device Controls” is more like a popup. Everyone has their preference, just providing a possible alternative that might work for you.

Your note about converting temperatures, do you notice if that plays into any impact of the app starting to have issues? Perhaps some of the stability issues you are having are related to the Template Widget and that might be helpful for the Devs to get something more stable working for you.

Maybe but I have template widgets with the same setup…

That’s a very good point - thanks, hadn’t thought about that.

My issue doesn’t seem to be related to the relatively high number of widgets I had; I reset the app and cut way back for testing but even with 4 widgets the app started to crash like before.

Appreciate that as well, I’m just being a little dense right now as I cannot figure out how to add tiles to the Device Control thingie.
I’ve set up 2 tiles in HA and was able to add them to the notification area directly, but I can’t seem to be able to get them added in the Device Control sub-item. I have controls there for other apps, but for HA nothing shows up, even if I go to Add controls > See other apps > Home Assistant

unfortunately a known android 13 issue that impacts other apps as well

To work around it you’ll need to delete all other controls and add them. A bit annoying, hopefully Google will fix it soon.

A little bit of discussion in our own issue tracker as well:

I don’t have a problem with adding controls. Here are some screenshots to shine some light on my setup.

Also to clarify I’m not adding Home Assistant tiles directly to the Notification Area I’m just adding the Device Controls tile.

Go to Add Controls > See More Apps then try to add something from there thats where the bug is

Yup one is Quick Setting Tiles and the other is Device Controls. The app supports both of them :slight_smile:

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Right, I had this since before Android 13, and I just went there now and I see.

So it seems like it’s not a problem all the time.

yea its not super consistent but it makes testing bug fixes and enhancements on a real device a pain, the only control thats consistent is the Easter Egg for Cat Controls those always load consistently. But on that screen if you go to Google Home you’ll see endless loading just like our app but only from that path. Luckily google accepted the bug so hopefully we will see a fix soon.

Yeah, so it’s interesting but on my device trying to do this from Google Home as the starting point seems to be the problem. Since I have 2 completely different app controls options for Home(Google Home) and Home Assistant the HA device controls work without a problem for me, I never get a Loading… screen when I have Home Assistant selected. However, if I select Google Home or try to add controls from other apps then it’s a problem. Just switching to Home Assistant and adding/removing controls from HA works without a problem.

Thanks for the explanation, guys.
I managed to add a few HA controls after deleting everything else I had - it wasn’t a bog loss, I wasn’t using it anyway.
As recommended by @dshokouhi in the GitHub issue, I installed the latest beta and :crossed_fingers:so far, it’s working fine with my widgets again.

Just another quick update:
Been running the app with 25ish widgets, including 3 template widgets that display a total of 10 numeric states like temperature and battery percentages, for about a week now.
All seems to work fine; the state updates are coming in quickly and the service buttons triggering switches and scripts almost as quickly as from within the app directly.

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