Android 2021.12: Wear OS Beta!

nice work :smiley: :+1:

when do you add temperature support?
when I get up in the morning I would like to take a quick look at the watch as it is outside… :slight_smile:

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you mean to display a sensor on the watch? For feature requests please submit them on github so we can keep track of them

Sorry, how to find the logs on the watch?

as of now there is no easy way other than to use ADB logcat from a computer, I personally use android studio as its easier to filter there

I enabled developer options on the watch, chose ADB over WiFi. And then I didn’t have to connect my watch to a computer via USB (since the charging cable appears to be power only anyway).

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Yup I always use wireless adb nowadays, even on the phone since you can make it a quick setting tile

is it possible to login to wear os app, if you have iphone (iOS) and two factor authentication enabled in user account?
i am getting some errors so wanted to know if this is even possible? i can provide adb log info if needed.

I believe 2fa is only fixed if you login via Android phone. For now disable it, login then you can enable it again.

Having a hard time with initial set up. I create a long live token and paste it into
but then it says No connection for xxxxx

seems very simple but what am I missing?

try to login using the phone app if possible, you setup the connection like you did when you first logged in

I just updated the app but it appears I dont have that functionality yet, that portiin just says checking wear devices with app and doesnt appear to do anything, I’ll try again in a few days, thanks for replying!

make sure your wear OS device is connected to the phone via BT and/or same wifi network in order for it to detect the wearable node. If that doesn’t work try to restart both devices, sometimes that connection can get backed up. You can also try to force stop the app on both devices and try again to see if that fixes the link.

on the watch you should be able to just enter your HA URL as if you were to login via a browser, then login with username/password. If you get a connection error try to turn off BT on the watch and connect

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I have done all the steps you mentioned and still can not connect. I think perhaps i dont have the latest version, I am in Canada, perhaps not available in this region yet.

My mobile app ver is 2021.12.0-full
watch app ver 1.0.2 (cant find anything newer on galaxy store)

the app is not available in the galaxy store, only the google play store and the app has never had a version like 1.0.2 so not sure what app you are using or even if your device supports Wear OS 2.x

I can only find it through the galaxy store, cant find it at all from the google play store, I am talking about the watch OS app, not the mobile app. Screen shots provided.

My mobile app version is now 2021.12.2-full but still cant access the input for the token except through the watch interface itself and that is near impossible to enter lol

This is not the same app but some other third party app. Your Wear OS device needs to be on 2.0 or higher for the official app. We haven’t released a version as 1.0.2 ever for the wear app. What watch do you have?

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It is a Gear S3 model sm-r760

Your watch is not supported as that runs Samsung’s own in-house OS called Tizen OS. You need a watch that runs WearOS Such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to use the app shown in the blog


well that settles it, thanks, I had no idea it was Tizen OS.

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Exists such tutorial to set up this? Watches cannot connect and application shows watches. When I press Login WearOS device, wizard is returned to page after filling credentials. No change, not possibility to connect.