Android 5.1.1 and custom elements not showing

Hi, got myself a new Hikvision intercom, and the indoor station is an interface running on android 5.1.1
i was able to install Home Assistant apk , but i all have red lovelace errors
probably android 5.1.1 not supported?

is there a way to run it? or some alterlative? maybe a light edition? or why am i seeing all red lovelace errors? :slight_smile:

Minimum version is 5.0.
There is a minimal version, which can be found here.

thnx, tested that one too, same issue

but i think its only the declutter template thats not loading ; thats a custom element
is there any requirment to load custom elements?

Does the declutter card work otherwise? Just checked and the last commot was more than 6 months ago.

yeah, it works on all my devices, also incognito

just not on that android tab on the wall, its also a slow system :slight_smile:

its not only declutter, any custom element is not showing , no idea why

The minimal version of the app is just one that does not rely on Google Play Services, it doesnt change the webview appearance or anything else. The app still relies on Android System Webview being a system installed app and fully up to date. Also if this is a custom card then most likely the custom card developer needs to fix the issue after confirming that Android System Webview is a system app that is up to date.

maybe i just need to install that , its a intercom tablet, there is not even a play store on it, i am just able to load custom .apk files on it

you cant just install the app, it has to be a system installed app. You probably need root to do that.

ah, i was downloading it from apk mirror :