Android, add as app offer no longer shows up. have to add page to homescreen? does it work for you?

Since updating to .70 of hassio, now when going to my duckdns url to view home assistant, I dont get the offer to add to homescreen. I “uninstalled” the home assistant web app, but even after clearing all browser data, going as far as to uninstall chrome and all data(reverts chrome to a much earlier version) I still don’t get the offer. I get the offer for the home assistant community, even if I “uninstall” the home assistant community web app I’ll still get the offer the next time I visit the community.

If I “install” home assistant as a web app on my phone(add to homescreen), when opening the chrome 3 dots menu, it shouldn’t still say “add to homescreen” if i’ve already done it, it should say “open Home Assistant” in its place. Installing the web app should put Home Assistant into your app drawer, which happens when I install home assistant community as a web app, but no longer happens with Home Assistant.

I can see that home assistant has the manifest code in the html to make a web app possible, but it’s not seeming to work.

(I’m not referring to the Home Assistant Android Play Store App at all)

can anyone confirm?

Same here, running 0.70.1

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The same problem still exists on 0.72.1. Did you find any solution?

does it work internally, versus going through the DDNS address?
It certainly works for me internally, but I access externally through a VPN to keep the security tight.

I’m also using HASS directly installed, not hassio, but this shouldn’t really make any difference.