Android App - Basic configuration question

I have a really basic question.

In the Android App what are the:

  • Home Assistant URL
  • Internal Connection URL

I thought that:

  • Home Assistant URL => the URL I use to connect to HA so in my case as I don’t have a port open for external access it would be for example
  • Internal Connection URL => the URL I use to connect to HA when I am on the “Home Network WiFi SSID”. So in this example it is unecessary as it is the same.

And that works for me on my WiFi.

However, I use ZeroTier and I have tried all sorts of combinations of URLs but I cannot get the app to connect when not on my WiFi

Obviously if anyone uses the Android App and ZeroTier can give me specific advice I’d be grateful but even just a clear definition of those two URLs might help me work it out for myself