Android App for HA

Hello after the new release of the “Google home hub” I got the idea to develop the android App similar to this, so you can have the tablet and control with a nice dashboard, So I’m wondering if there is any “api” from home assistant or wait to have like a “restful” connection to HA, it would be nice have this tablet but control some “basic things” easier similar to Google home hub but with HA :slight_smile:
Any ideas or inputs where I can start? Thanks

API doc is here

There are several Android apps in the works by multiple different people. The newest (which is written in flutter) is located here About HA Client - native Android client for Home Assistant

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There is also Ariela which is progressing nicely too.

Although I had the first thought as you when I saw the new google home tablet thing: “Can I get this to display HA???”
If I can get it to display Home Assistant I’ll be buying one and make it my first smart speaker assistant.

There is also an open source app available

That’s my idea, having similar UI, not sure how i will handle voice process, I can use the voice recognition… but you need press the screen tho.

The question is probably how or if you can root it in any way or if Google has locked it down for any tampering…

With that said, I’m cheering for this project! :blush: