Android app for many HA instances

Dear community,
I have installed Home Assistant on three different houses, using each time a Raspberry 4 and Hassio. So I have three different URL to access these Home Assistant instances. Now I would like to control them all from my Android phone. Is it possible without having to log out log in each time? How?

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For now you will need to create multiple android profiles to achieve this, every phone is different so you’ll have to look up the steps to do that. Until the app becomes more mature its not on the roadmap to support it currently.

Also do you need features like a notify service call and device tracker and sensors at all 3 locations? If not then it may be best to stick to chrome for the houses that you don’t need those services.

Alright, got it, thanks @dshokouhi.
I do need notify service call and device tracker for those 3 locations, indeed. I will wait. Thanks for this great work you guys are all doing! It’s really appreciated over here!

I am waiting too :smile:

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