2 instances for HA Android app?

i’m running 2 HA on 2 separate networks. is it possible to use the official android app to connect to both of them (not simultaneously) ?

how do i do this?

You need to create a profile on your android device itself: https://support.google.com/nexus/answer/2865483?hl=en

Instructions may vary by device

i’ll try that. i thought a different profile within the HA android app. Thank you

i just remembered, my xiaomi phone allows me to create 2 instances for apps

Many apps now have support of many accounts, HA should make so

Android Workaround: open the url from Chrome, add shortcut to Home Screen, Done. Tested, I can access multiple HA installations without re-login.

Be aware: if you logout and login with a different user, the user for the same (!) url will change in Chrome also.

Problem: location and other phone sensor information is not tested, these stuff are disabled on my phone, somebody else should give feedback on it.

All you are doing is running it in chrome, this isn’t really a workaround as this is how people used HA before the app and people still use it. All sensors, notifications and location tracking including widgets are all tied to the app so those should never be expected to work :wink: