Android app iBeacon UUID not detecting in ESPHome

Hi everyone
I have been battling through this issue for some time and hope if someone can help.
When Android companion app is configured to send the beacon out, I can never find UUID in ESPHome using Advertised service data UUID.
If I use nRF app as a transmitter with the same UUID, it works no problem.
It is interesting that if I use this

            if(x.get_ibeacon().has_value()) {
              auto ibeacon = x.get_ibeacon().value();
              ESP_LOGD("ble_adv", ibeacon.get_uuid().to_string().c_str());
              ESP_LOGD("ble_adv", "Major: %i", ibeacon.get_major());
              ESP_LOGD("ble_adv", "Minor: %i", ibeacon.get_minor());

then I get major/minor and some form of UUID (not the one I set in the app), but it never returns the value when beacon is created by nRF app. Its like they are different kids of beacons?
If you have a working code for detection, do you mind sharing?