Android app no "App configuration" in menu

Hello, after upgrade my xiaomi redmi note 8T to MIUI 12.5.2 and install HA app have not show app config in left menu. I try stable and beta version. After install only show first connection settings.

It was moved in 2021.12 core update. Now it’s in configuration > companion app

You should consider reading release notes next time.

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Thank you, i read all release notes of core, android app not. I am ashamed.

Same for IOS. Seems to be the designer’s favorite thing!!
Always move settings so can’t follow any Tutorial ! :roll_eyes:

you dont need to follow a tutorial, just read the docs and release notes.

#metoo :slight_smile:
Thanks for taking the blame, so I can read the solution…
(…and yes I will read all the release notes from now on)

Android app no "App configuration" in menu … Hello, after upgrade my xiaomi redmi note 8T to MIUI 12.5.2 and install HA app have not show app …

You looked under the hamburger menu → settings → companion app?

Same issue - and yes I have looked (2022.9) and I cannot see it. Has it moved to a sub-menu?

Settings> Companion App

Started a different thread as I realised it was just the device on Android 13. However, seems I had an old version of the app that was no longer on the app store.

I had to uninstall the old app and install the new app and it appeared!

The only indication of this (other than the missing menu) was that when I went into Google Play it said install when I found the app.

I like to say something to dshokouhi, he was so kind to point out where it was, I love that, helping people.
But sometimes you miss things in release notes, or it was back in time where you did not need it yet. Sometimes you did not fully understand it how it was said, language barriers and such, or to technical.
So saying “You should consider reading release notes next time”, I find that acidly, uncalled for and sometimes belligerent! Please help each other without showing how great you understand things from HA, and lets make Home Assistant the wonderful well made great fun application it is, with wonderful people that build it, add to it and help.

Thank you


I don’t think you get how many times users skip over the release notes, its perfectly ok to tell people the read the things designed to tell them what has changed. This particular question gets asked a lot. I will continue to tell people to read the documentation and release notes as they are intended to help the user.

What about when it is not under configuration neither as this is the case for me? What is the procedure to install the Companion App in Home Assistant when it is not natively in?

For admin users it can be found under Settings > Companion App for normal users it will be listed as App Configuration under the side bar.

The HA frontend and the app communicate to each other so the frontend knows the app is being used to display the proper menu item.

Same issue here, no App configuration menu available.

App uninstalled and installed, no luck. I’m on Samsung S22 Ultra.

Any suggestion?

After you entered your URL did you get asked what device name to set before seeing your dashboard?

Solved! :slight_smile:

The issue (my fault) was to add the Nabucasa URL including the “/lovelace/default_view”. This prevent the app to ask information about device, geotracking, etc…

Thanks @dshokouhi for the support!!!

For everyone that is unable to find the Companion App in Settings, please note, it doesn’t show up in the Web UI (by accessing HA on your computer).

Instead, open the app ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE. From there, go to Settings, you will see Companion App.

And yes, I do understand the importance of the release notes, I’m noting here that nowhere in the release notes does it state that this setting is not available where one would intuitively think to look (the Web UI, where people configure things), but instead, this is a setting that is only available from the Companion App.

Continuously repeating RTFM is not helpful. I hope this is viewed exactly how I meant it, “constructive criticism of ideas” and not criticizing anyone in particular.

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