Android app not registering

So i recently got a new phone and of course installed HA app on it as per the old one.

Now whilst i can access my HA server on it and have given it the correct permissions the new phone is not shown in the integrations page under the app section. Only my old phone and iPad.
I have tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it on the phone along with restarting HA. Has anybody got any ideas? It obviously means it is not receiving notifications and updating integrations i need for my HA setup

Phone in question is a Pixel 6 and i’m running Ha 2021.12.5 on a Raspberry Pi 3b

Did you remove the integration on the integration page and reinstall that?

So I seem to have fixed it. Instead of allowing it to auto connect to the nabu casa url when the app is connected I typed in the local IP address instead and that seems to have done it