Android app not work

android app not work ! help me please . for me is necessary

You’ll definitely need to give WAY more details for anyone to even be able to start helping you out.

What android app are you talking about?

Home Assistant has android app??

I’m talking about the Android homassist app. The official app (I think) that is on the Google play. After the last update of Honeassist, the app can no longer connect. The problem is in the login. In fact, the app does not have a user name but only a network address (that of local honeassist) and then asks for the password. While the current honeassist asks for username and password. Also I want to ask how to do a downgrade of Hssio

I think you’ll need to post a link to the app on google play.

I don’t think HA has any official app for Android that I know of. I just did a search and didn’t find anything official looking. Everything there was from a third party that I could tell.

And that said you’ll probably need to get help thru the developer on google play for the app.

I’m pretty sure that is a third party app and not officially supported by HA.

You’re best bet is to try to contact the developer of the app.

Well I was also having difficulties with this android app, wasn’t aware that this probably was not an official HA app (stupid, but didn’t paid attention to it). But now seeing the developer of this app, I’m also pretty sure it’s not.

Case is, the app only asks for an IP adres and a password. And Hassio is reacting like this on the login attempt from this app:

“Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from
9:49 PM components/http/ (WARNING)”

“You need to use a bearer token to access /api/states from
9:49 PM components/http/ (WARNING)”

I read a post that when you put in the ip address, but the password is the word Secret … I guess we need to review the gethub to see what is there.

I’m having the same issue, it probably has to do with the Auth changes in the later versions of hassio. It’s kinda sad because I had awesome widgets om my homescreen… but I guess the upcoming official app that comes this summer will be even better. Just don’t want to wait :frowning:

Solved it by adding the api_legacy_password back in my config again. The app depends on this. I guess until the new app comes.

Which means the app is horribly out of date if they aren’t keeping up with the auth changes. Personally I wouldn’t use it.

Try Ariela instead.

+1 for Ariela. excellent app and the dev is super active in fixing bugs, new features etc

Yeah… But when you built a setup around something you can’t always just leave it be :slight_smile: didn’t know about ariela, I hope it has widget support, my android is also my universal remote for TV, receiver and so on.

Seems that there is a new unpublished HA app in store now that I look. I bet it’s the new one coming?

nope, it a community developed one

Ok, it looks fresh, and it doesn’t need the legacy pass. No widgets yet tho

It does. It also has buttons you can add to your notification area.