Android App to the Echo Show FireTV Appstore

I would like to request approval of the Home Assistant app for Android on the Fire TV so it can be used on the Echo Show 15. has an official app approved for use there.

The companion app relies heavily on Google play services (it’s how they do notifications) pretty sure thats not available on a vanilla Fire device.

With Amazon walking away from default android on thier devices in favor of an in house cooked version I doubt you will see this happen.

I understand your point perfectly Nathan. However, if we are an open platform for integration we should be everywhere. And honestly, there are many other ways to generate notifications. I don’t even use Android notifications myself - my HASS only notifies me via Telegram.

the android app is already in the amazon app store however the HA frontend is not designed for the TV interface. You will need to sideload the app to use it if you dont see it in the amazon app store listing.

the full version found in the play store does indeed rely on google service, there is a minimal version of the app that does not have any google services dependencies.

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Anyone with an Echo Show 15 is able to see the HA app in the amazon store?
As an Echo Show 15 looks a pretty interesting wall device :slight_smile: