Android App unresponsive

Just today the Android app stopped responding. The dashboard comes up with valid data, but no touch controls respond. It acts completely frozen.

I’ve deleted the cache and uninstalled and reinstalled, no change. Anyone else see this?

Same situation for me too.
I tried copying the entire “Overview” dashboard to a new one, but it always crashes.
All data updates, Alexa commands work, but I can’t navigate places.
Everything else works.
HAS updated to the latest version, and until yesterday everything was fine

I am also seeing an issue on the web dashboard as well. When I open HA, FireFox gives me a warning about the page slowing down the browser, and CPU is pegged at 100%. Page is essentially unresponsive. Nothing has changed on my dashboard. I am keeping current with HA updates - I wonder if the latest update has a rendering bug that is causing the browsers and app to freak out.

Ha. This explains it. Been searching for 2 hrs to see why CPU temp rose rapidly.

In my case it seems to be related to the history card on the front end. They sit at “Loading state data…” forever, and NIC CPU on the HA node is at 97%, so something is doing a TON of network accesses, suspecting the history card. Dashboards without the card run fine.

my system is back to running normally.
The two things I did were:

  1. create a new dashboard
  2. copy the yaml file of the main dashboard into the new one
  3. have the main dashboard recreated
  4. copy the yaml file back to the main dashboard.

I also noticed that I had an error in a node-red flow, a syntax error I believe following an update, since that flow has been running for months.