Android App using 1GB of background data in a month?

Not sure if this is right, just wanted to confer with the community. My HA android app used 1GB of data in a month (August) in the background? I only have 10 sensors enabled right now (battery and location stuff)? Is anyone else seeing this level of background data usage? That seems excessive to me. I checked previous 3 months too and it used 1.13GB(July), 1.33GB(June), and 393MB (May). I didn’t change the sensors from then to now. Did something change in the app?

Sensors enabled:

  • All 6 Battery sensors
  • Geocoded location
  • Background Location
  • Location Zone
  • Single Accurate Location

Should I open an issues ticket on the Github page?

Known issue, I assume you have cameras on your Lovelace dashboard? Make sure to turn off live view and take them off the main dashboard. Always make sure the stream stops before you leave the app. There’s another forum post about this too.