Android Auto integration

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Would really love if HA could get some love in Android Auto to allow the app to show up in AA with ability to switch devices on and off while in the car.

I believe this wasn’t possible before, but recently AA allowed more third party integrations, and Smartthings is also now available in AA.

Is this possible?

It may not be exactly what you want, but you can already use Home Assistant with Android Auto if you have it linked to Google Assistant.
For some time now, shortcuts for Google Assistant can be added in Android Auto. I’ve been using that for a while now to open my garage door, for example.
I find, for me, these shortcuts even better than a complete app, because I want to perform the actions in the car as quickly as possible, without having to click through a GUI.

Thanks, I’ve tried that also, but Google assistant doesn’t support routines in AA, so I’m using a “turn on the garage door” command. Would love to do several things with one command.
Open the gate, disarm the alarm, open the garage.

Also, even though the command seems to work and the door opens, Google assistant always replies “I’m offline, cannot process this command” or something like that.

Ever noticed this?

Then why don’t you just make a virtual switch that triggers an automation/routine and link it? :wink:

Mhmm, never noticed this offline message for me

That could work yes thanks. Would still love to have HA in Android Auto though

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