Android Auto need filtering option on navigate entities

On android auto, we can use the navigate menu to easily navigate to anything in Home Assistant that has a location, like persons, devices or sensors.

I really like it and use more intensively now.
But actually, it’s display all location with no way to filtering and/or add favorite and on some circumstance it’s can be a mess :

i added a HACS extension to track and follow gazoline price around me. very useful but it’s creating lot of entities with altitude & longitude attribute

So in android auto, in the navigate menu, i’ve :

  • 3 persons
  • 4 locations
  • more than 50 sensors of petrol station

So it’s really hard to find persons & location due to these many sensors of petrol station

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You might want to consider making this a feature request, moving it to the relevant part of the site and voting on it.

I would. It does need a filter and is exactly why I don’t use it. Too many entities for the endless scroll in the car. Fortunately the companion dev is very responsive.

Where making the feature request, for home assistant android auto section ?

no need for a request, just use the favorites feature to filter your own navigation entities.

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I understand the suggestion but sorry not an option. Most of us who actually use it already likely have full favorites.

If op is anything like mine D, there’s simply too many and it kills the concept of ‘favorite’. Im already at 6 items on the home screen and scrolling on AAnis a no no as far as I’m concerned.

Id rather be able to set an attribute to a location that tells aa to pin that one when i the screen. You could set the attribute as a selection checkbox or long press/hold. To pin to the top of the list. Allow up to x pinned locations sorted alpha or fifo and don’t pin more than the allowed number.

so you have 100 entities? thats the limit we have seen with most cars displayiing favorites.

the navigation item itself is not a filtered list, the favorites is.

For me, it’s not a very good option :
i already use 6 sensors as favorites in android auto to create a simple & usefull dashboard on my car.

i don’t want to double the number of favorites just to be able to navigate to them (i’ve the submenu navigate where it’s design for ! ) and it’s not possible to re-order the list of favorites, so it’s not a good option…

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the sensors you dont want visible in the auto UI have you tried hiding those entities from the dashboard in entity settings? See the visible toggle below.

yes it is possible, you do it in the same place you add them. Just hold on the 2 lines at the end of the row to drag and drop. We even mention that in the page

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Hi, good idea but it’s not working :
it’s hiding on home assistant dashboard but not in android auto navigate

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ok looked at hte actual PR we did already add some logic to hide certain navigation entities and decided to wait for user feedback. This was almost a year ago when we added this enhancement.

can you please create an enhancement request for this on the repo so someone can look into adding it for this screen?


Thank you to taking time and respond to me !

i’ve created the issue : Android Auto need filtering option on navigate entities · Issue #4247 · home-assistant/android · GitHub

Have a nice day !


Issue is fixed with a MR form @dshokouhi ! BIG thanks to him for he’s reactivity & help !

It’s really a pleasure to be in this active community :wink:

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