Android auto not showing up

I recently started using Android Auto. By complete coincidence I was using my wife’s phone and saw in her HA companion app a section for Android Auto. I immediately opened mine so I could start experiment with this integration and and my companion app does not have it at all. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S21+. Any suggestions on how to enable this?

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Where did you install the app from?

I installed the companion app from the Google Play app store.

The minimum version of Android you need to be on is Android 8. You don’t see the Android Auto option in settings > companion app > Android Auto?

And since I am on Android 14, that’s not a problem.
Android auto simply doesn’t exist in the companion app:

you did not install the app from the play store, you installed teh app from either f-droid or github. The app version says Minimal. And you have a very old almost 1 year old version. Please install teh correct version and update to the latest version.

there are 0 google services features in the minimal build.

I “never” install anything from f-driod… But for some reason I did this… and have no idea why. Thank you!

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