Android based Universal remote: Haptique RS90

Hello HA Community,

I am Willis, the founder of Cantata. I have been following HA since I conceptualized a Harmony replacement—a physical remote for AV enthusiasts to control their multimedia. Unfortunately, Harmony was never available in India.

As an AV professional, my journey took me to Shenzhen, where I met a team with a beautiful piece of hardware called iRemote. I invested my time and money to bring forth what is now Haptique RS90. From industrial design to software, it has evolved well into an IoT device. We are running an Android-based app. Our app has two parts: one runs on our hardware, optimized to work as a frontend and API ecosystem, and the other is a configuration app available on smartphones. We are using native Android APIs such as Infrared, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Fingerprint. Our app is written in Kotlin to leverage maximum interoperability with Android OS. Our hardware uses a Mediatek ARM with a proprietary Android version provided by the OEM, which we plan to replace with a custom ROM in the near future.

Home Assistant integration is something we initially deemed less critical for AV users, so we delayed it. However, we do have Home Assistant integration in our app, currently importing entities such as Sensors, Media Players, and Switches. This functionality will expand as we learn more from communities like this one.

Haptique RS90 features an onboard infrared blaster and a database of over 5,300 brands, which we are continually expanding to become the best in the business. As of now, we are working on IP integrations with Philips Hue, Sonos, and Denon, and we will continue to develop these further.

We invite developers interested in contributing to help us grow our list of IP integrations. We have established a cloud system on AWS for managing user credentials, the IR database, user configurations, and third-party authentication.

Additionally, we are developing IR accessories over Wi-Fi for use with devices in different rooms and RF accessories for projector screens, curtains, blinds, etc.

As we aim for a system that works locally and independently of the cloud, we could not fully achieve this with Android. Thus, we plan to develop a smart hub that will be completely open-source from the beginning.

We have two variants of remotes: Haptique RS90 and RS90x. One is under production and going through certifications soon, and the latter will be released post-Kickstarter, which we are launching this week.

I hope to connect with like-minded people here and improve our offering with maximum support.

Thank you,

Willis Desai
Cantata Communication Solutions

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Welcome Willis, and Im super happy to see your post here in our community… I love your vision !