Android BLE Transmitter Question

Is there a way for this to be on only when the device is “home” for example? Rather than being on all the time?

Yes you can use the notification command to control it

Perfect thank you.

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Does the companion wear os app also have a ble Transmitter? It seems my galaxy watch 4 is randomizing the Mac address.

not yet, still have more work on wear OS to be done before we can evaluate if the sensor will work

Sounds good thank you for the work you are doing.

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BLE Sensor doesnt work for me. I have turned it on and used my UUID in my room assistant configuration but it doesn’t get detected at all.

Is this a common issue with Samsung phones? or just an issue in general?

I have a galaxy s22 ultra and no issues.

is there some setting that you have done?
are you using room assistant by any chance?

Nothing different and I’m using espresence

Well I did set up espresence and it does see my id but my entities on HA keep on saying unavailable.

Maybe an Mqtt template issue?

here is my piece of code in my configuration.yaml copied from the espresence’s instruction page:

  - platform: mqtt_room
    name: 'test'
    device_id: "5509931d-c605-4685-99ea-852268907d74-0-0"
    state_topic: 'espresense/rooms'
    timeout: 60
    away_timeout: 120

can you share your config please?

- platform: mqtt_room
    name: Phone
    device_id: "iBeacon:192c6f7d-69ad-4e84-84de-a03d32563003-100-1"
    state_topic: "espresense/rooms"
    timeout: 5 
    away_timeout: 120