Android Companion App created Nabu Casa webhooks

I was going through logs and noticed a webhook and started digging in… I have 3 devices, two phones and a tablet, they all work and all use Android Companion App. I set them all up pointing to my own DNS, which works internally and externally. I do not use Nabu Casa for remote access, it’s disabled.

I do use Nabu Casa for Google Voice stuff.

So I figured out the webhooks were phone updates, which seemed fine, but then I see the webhooks are registered in Nabu Casa and they have a Nabu Casa URL on them.

Do the companion apps default to using Nabu Casa for webhooks? I don’t see it anywhere in the companion app settings, just my domain being my DNS, not nabu casa

the app generates webhooks for all reported URLs if you use nabu casa cloud that automatically gets generated. The app will make a best effort in determining which URL to use, the user does not need to worry about this the app will make use of the URLs provided in settings as well.

Weird thing is I don’t see any direct webhooks, and I’m getting updates from mobile devices so it’s working… So now I’m confused how it’s working, unless I haven’t found the direct URL yet and it’s tied to the same id

Also since remote access for nabu casa is off, also seems like it would not be working

Unless they keep access working for webhooks even with remote access turned off? Curious if I stopped paying nabu casa if my phones would update now

So the app will use internal URL, cloud URL and external URL in that order depending on the circumstances like if we can use it or not and if the previous one failed. As you have your DNS configured it would send updates there and since your cloud remote access is turned off those are probably silently failing in the app and then it tries your domain name and it works.

The URLs are just that, a URL, the webhook has its own ID that can work on all the URLs.

Got it, that makes sense… So it I delete the webhooks in nabu casa integration it should still work and possibly save on a failed call and exception?

You would also need to start fresh with the app in order to get the webhook URLs to update.

We only register those URLs during initial registration.

Thanks! I will wipe it all and readd and see how it goes