Android Companion App - Geocoded Location Issue

A couple days ago, seems as though the Companion App (Pixel 8 Pro, Android 14) has suddenly become unreliable at capturing the Geocoded Location. I haven’t had any upgrades or changes, and I haven’t changed any settings, yet:

Like I said, it has come on suddenly, though. Because here is what it looks like since the beginning of the month:

I can’t come up with any patterns as to when it works or not, and I can’t replicate scenarios when it will/will not capture this (screen on/off, locked/unlocked, data/wifi, charging/unplugged). Companion app still is unrestricted battery, sensors update fast while charging, background data :heavy_check_mark:.

I’m at a loss here. Hopefully someone else can assist.

Thanks in advance!

this API data comes directly from Google. Unless you see an error in the companion app logs the data is most likely correct.

Same here… i get a HUGE delay in the notifications about geocoded location.